Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Eating Your Child Book Review and Giveaway

As a kid I was a crazy picky eater. I am sure I drove my parents nuts but they always tried their best to accommodate me. My mother is a saint since I had no real reason to not like things, just quarks as to why I wouldn't eat something. I can recall many times my mom making sure my hamburgers didn't have anything on it "plain" only! I also remember throwing a fit at the fact there was onions in my burrito a time a two. My mom had 5 of us to feed and I was always so picky. I would get anxiety often times at my friends houses since I did not know what they would be feeding me. Oddly I LOVE onions now and eat them sauteed with garlic as a snack! Another thing I refused to eat was seafood, even though I loved tuna in a can. I found out at 18 that I am allergic to shellfish. I am not sure if it was from avoiding it or like I tell myself I must have know, yeah right!

The new book I just read is called What's Eating Your Child? by Kelly Dorfman. Its about the hidden connection between food and childhood aliments. I was eager to read this since I do not want my son to be a picky eater like me and to learn about things for the future. It covers nutrition, food reactions, moods and food and learning behaviors. The book is more like a how to rather than a medical book. I found it helpful for many eating situations.

As I was reading about how important it is to eat breakfast, yes we all know this right, but I did read something I have often thought was a good idea and I do this with my son. Eating your biggest meal for breakfast like fish and rice or even a turkey burger. I know most people would not do this but for my son it works. He loves to have dinner food early in the morning. Since he is not very hungry at dinnertime I have been switching his meal order. When I was in elementary school my sister and I were friends with a girl whose family was from Poland. The always had a huge breakfast with heavy rich foods and for dinner it was lighter and more fresh. I found it odd since we loved pancakes or cereal for breakfast. It works for my son and logically it seems you should start the day out big and taper off towards dinner. I told my husband I might try this on myself to see if it helps me control my weight more.

There is a few chapters on Diary and Gluten that would be very helpful for if your child has these allergies or suspect they might. I found it interesting that what is often referred to as "super tasters" can be a result of low zinc levels. I thought as a teenager and a young adult that maybe I disliked stuff for that reason. And sure enough after reading this book zinc is mostly in seafood and green veggies, two things I refused to eat. I used to say salads tasted like dirty grass and I will not eat things that I swim with (the ocean!). As an adult with my husband telling me your an adult and this is silly lol I now eat tons of stuff with zinc minus shellfish since I am allergic and I am not really a super taster anymore. I do think some of it is linked to my migraines and smells more than taste.

There are chapters on essential fatty acids, artificial additives and pesticides. When I eat some bananas my mouth swells up and gets itchy. I am not allergic to bananas and I am sure it is due to pesticide use. What's Eating Your Child?  is filled with case stories from the author who is a nutritionist that I am sure many parents can relate to. I found this book to be super informative not only for kids but for adults. I will keep this book in my collection for a reference for me, my kids and for friends. I would recommend this to you even if you don't feel like your child has any connections to behavior and food.


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