Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wii for your Wee Ones

Ever since my brother and sister in law gave us a Wii we have all been hooked! I have loved playing video games since my older brother (the one who gave us a system) used to play the original Nintendo system. We would take turns with him and my sister with a lot of the timing watching him play. I was not very good at games back then but I have awesome memories of playing as kids. We played Mario, Sonic and Castlevania.

My son has oddly mastered some of the games we have on the Wii and hes only 18 months old! I find the games that have no button pushing and only involve him moving the Wii remote around to be the best ones. It makes sense of course since its not in his age category to play the Wii.  He doesn't get the button pushing other than pause. Which is hilarious when he pushes it he will run the Wii remote over to us so we can fix it for him to play again.

Trying to play the Elmo game

We have rented many games to see which ones he could play before buying any. To be frugal we always buy them used. We go to Game Stop since they have a guarantee that they will work. Oddly many of the games for EC (Early Childhood) like the Sesame Street ones involve a lot of button pushing. I have to play those with him and he gets mad that he can't do it himself.

Chuck E Cheese Basketball. He loves this one!

I have made a list of the top 5 games my son at 18 months can play.

1. Mario Tennis (this one he whirls his arm around and scores points and power ups he has a blast)

2. Racquet Sports ( he can do the hitting in this one, not the power hits which need buttons but he still loves to play)

3. Chuck E Cheese ( He loves this! Only drawback is I have to go earn the tokens by playing a game he cant do on his own, but once I have tokens he can play many games and has a blast.)

4. Wii Sports Resort (the sword fighting one he has so much fun, he claps when he knocks his opponent off the pedestal.)

5. Petz Dogz 2 and  Petz Catz 2 ( he likes to see his favorite animals on the screen, there is some button pushing for some things but he can make them run around and dig in the ground. He smiles a lot when he plays this one.)

There are more that we play "together" like Shrek, Toy Story and Garfield he likes to watch the characters but can get bored since it is really not made for him. I just love that we have our Wii to have some frugal fun with! Its great for the super hot summer days that are ahead of us and we can't go out to play. Plus once you buy the games and system its free to play as many times as you want!

What games do your kids love or you love to play on the Wii?
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