Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Sunday

This is the kind of fun he has with Daddy has when Mommy is busy blogging!

Welcome to everyone in Sunday Hops! We are happy to have new followers to share the adventures on this blog. We are 3 moms who love to share our little piece of this planet with you. 

I love Sundays! At our house we try to relax and just enjoy time together. Its raining today so we are staying indoors and watching cartoons with our little guy. This afternoon I am sorting my little guys clothing. Each time I put away his smaller clothes it reminds me of how fast he is growing. He is getting really tall and his pants make it look like he is ready for a flood lol.
Its also my awesome little brothers Bday! I can remember like it was yesterday him being in first grade and me holding his hand as I walked him to his classroom before I went to mine. Oh how time seems to fly by so fast!
He is doing great things in music right now. I know he will be a rock star in the future!
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