Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friendship Bread Book Review

Friendship Bread
By Darien Gee
Sometimes a book comes along that stays in your thoughts for days or weeks after you've finished reading it. Darien Gee has written just that kind of a novel. Her story of loving friendships, family, and small town life is enchanting. At the heart of this story is something called Friendship Bread. Julia Evarts receives a gift of this bread and it amazingly changes her life. She is still grieving terribly over the death of her son, five years earlier. By the simple act of baking and sharing the bread with others, friendships are made and hearts are mended. The author also includes a recipe for baking a loaf of you own Friendship Bread. This book is warm, wise, and lovely. It brings back what reading a good book is all about. Pure pleasure.

You can buy this book for your own library at Barnes and Noble.
To read more about Darien Gee and her book you can visit her website.
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