Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why So Many Prescription Drug Commercials?

Lately it seems there are so many prescription drug commercials for depression and anxiety. Maybe the weather has me watching more tv and I now see them more but I hate it to so much. The tone of the anti depressant commercials seem to make my son instantly stop anything he is doing and stare at the tv. We now change the channel if it comes on because it bothers me so much to see him stare at it. He can be playing not even noticing the tv and as soon as the horrible tune of the song starts he whips his head around to see. I just don't get it. I wonder what kinda of research went into the type of music that is played in the background of these commercials. I wonder if its some strange subliminal message. I don't mean to seem weird about it I just do not like the tv constantly advertising medicine to me. I know I can just turn off the tv but I know that won't happen in our house lol. Thankfully we have a lot of DVDs so I think we will start watching those more often than tv.
What is your opinion on these commercials? Do you think they will ever stop like how they had to stop with the tobacco commercials?
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