Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Fun Pumpkin Nights Auburn California #hosted #PumpkinNights

*I was a #hosted guest to this event. All opinions expressed are my own.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, PUMPKINS! This is exactly what I was expecting to see at Pumpkin Nights in Auburn. We LOVED our experience there! I recommend if you have younger kids to bring them at 5:30 like we did and stay to play and eat until it gets darker. I felt he was able to enjoy the bouncy house and the play area because he could still see everything. We started out near the bouncy houses and the walk through Pumpkin arch to take a few photos. My son wanted to wear his costume and he really enjoyed all the "cool costume" comments. I would say half of the kids wore costumes and even some families had on matching Halloween themed shirts, so cute!

After our Instagram photo moments we headed to the start of the scavenger hunt for Pumpkin Clues to find hidden glitter pumpkin symbols that would eventually spell out a word after decoding it to claim for a free prize from a Wizard. I felt this gave us the chance to slow down in each of the Pumpkin themed zones to really look at all of them to look for clues.

As we made our way from themed area to themed area we had our favorites. I LOVED the Harry Potter room, my son enjoyed the Under the Sea room and my husband liked the play area where our son could hula hoop, ride a seesaw and play some tether ball. It was just what our son needed to get out some energy.

There was someone live carving some amazing designs on pumpkins. Many areas to stop and take family photos with an attendant there to take it for you. We took a slow stroll through each area to see all the different types of pumpkins and to truly take in all the artistry and design.

As the sun stated to set and we had finished the scavenger hunt and received our prize we decided to head to the food area. My son as per usual at all events we go to wanted a snow cone. I found pumpkin pie and cocoa coffee. They had many dinner and sweet treat options with reasonable prices. The smells of food in the air was amazing!

After enjoying our sweet treats we made our way back to some of the outdoor themed areas to see them lit up at night. I wanted to see the pirate ship and dragon all lit up. On our way there we saw a fire dancing show with 2 people doing amazing fire twirling that looked so cool at night.

We left at 7:30 when it started to be really dark and got somewhat crowed. The line to get in at that point was very long. I really do recommend arriving when its light out to let your kids adjust to how dark it gets and for them to be able to play at the play area in the day light. We even sat for a few moments to rest our legs at the movie area where Coco was playing, we even spotted the dog Dante from the movie in his full colorful splendor walking around among the guest.

Our view of the main pumpkin tunnel as we left the festival

We had a great time wondering around seeing all the pumpkin sights and exploring the interactive areas. I do also recommend grab a pumpkin spice latte before heading in to make it extra pumpkiny!

Another thing I liked is that this was not a hand out candy event. There will be so much candy my son will get at the Halloween day events we will attend, I was happy this was more about spending time together and making memories. We will be going back next year!

You can enjoy the fun of Pumpkin Nights in Auburn CA until November 4th. The hours are 5:30 to 10:30 pm. I recommend going on a weekday to avoid the huge crowds and buy your tickets ahead of time.


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