Saturday, July 21, 2018

No "Lion" Around with Summer Learning at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom #hosted #sixflagsdiscoverykingdom

*Disclosure: We were #hosted as guests at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. All options expressed in this post are my own.

I have always LOVED learning! Animals are my favorite topic and I have fond memories of my Mom letting me pick out National Geographic VHS tapes to rent at the local video store, even though I was the only one who really wanted to watch it she always made sure I would get my turn to get one. Thankfully I married a man who also loves watching documentaries and we our raising our son to love them with us. This summer we have been learning many new things about Big Cats, especially Lions. We have watched documentaries, read books and took a trip to our local Six Flags, Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA to see some lion behavior in person.

We are a homeschooling family who takes the time to incorporate learning into our every day lives and adventures together. We jokingly have said "No Lion Around with Learning" this summer as we learn about Big Cats.

One of my favorite animal experiences  at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is Tiger Island and Odin's Tiger Temple. I love seeing the powerful big cats in action. We spent a long time watching the male and female lion in there Lion's Lair habitat. The way the yawn, stretch and paw at one another is adorable! Hard to not think they are just cute cats as they nap in the sunshine. But my son reminds me as I say how cute they are, they are powerful kings of Africa. I love that he is adsorbing facts about lions as we have been having fun learning about them.

The Cougar in the Cougar's Rock exhibit was taking a long nap during the hot summer day so we did not see much of that cat. We did see the Tiger at Tiger Island relaxing in the grass then searching to find a good shade spot. It was hilarious that when we started talking about how beautiful he was he got up walked around to strut his stuff then yawned to show off his huge powerful teeth. It was awesome!!

We of course always have to go say "Hello" to the Giraffes that live at Six Flags. My son LOVES giraffes and always brings his stuffed giraffe to visit the real giraffes. There is something magical about a super tall animal who has a long neck. Way cooler than a unicorn according to my son!!

My son's favorite stuffed animal giving a smooch to the Giraffe at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The Dolphin Show and Sea Lion show are always a must when we visit. We have seen the shows many times but still always enjoy them. Seeing a dolphin leap into the air from the water or a sea lion barking like he is laughing always brings a smile to my face. You can even purchase a Dolphin Discovery Encounter to swim with a dolphin. That is definitely on my MUST DO list!!

After all the Animal Encounters and Shows we worked up an appetite. We love to eat at Johnny Rockets Express burger stand. They have amazing food and for a theme park its a really affordable meal. My son always gets the kids meal!

This trip we bought the refillable cup that we can use all season long. A great deal since the summer heat requires plenty of liquids to drink.

It is a family tradition that we end our trip with a ride on the Carousal in the Kid's Park. We thought it was very fitting to see a a Tiger featured on the top of the ride. We had an amazing time together as a family and learned even more about Lions and Tigers.


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